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Suavecito Pomade Jr.

1 May

Suavecito Pomade Jr.

@noonionnotomato posted this up on instagram, couldn’t help but repost this. Jr here showing us how it’s done.

#suavecito #pomade


Getting Close to Empty?

18 May

Next Time Get a 32oz Jar!

If our hair could talk?

12 May

What would it say about what we put in it?

Over the Years

10 May

Over the years, in attempts to off-set my petrolatum-stained pillows, I have tried water soluble pomades, but never found one to commit to. Either they smelled too much like the hair gel that comes in 20oz containers at the supermarket or they were just too damned expensive to keep replacing.

As with the others, I thought I would give Suavecito a try, but I knew better than to have high hopes. Holy sh*t, was I wrong!

Suavecito has a great color, a subtle smell and, best of all, is actually affordable. Not only that, my hair looks awesome all day. I use it as a top coat for a medium-weight pomade and a dab of another for shine. It is the best combo I’ve found that works for me. Suavecito holds my hair in place without turning my hair into a helmet. As a top coat, it lets me still comb my hair when needed without worrying about it it flaking and giving me the appearance of having fish food on my head.

After my first can, I began buying the 3-packs because Suavecito immediately became a permanent staple in my grooming regimen. These guys deserve to have a huge and loyal customer base because they have created a superior pomade.

Suavecito or Die.

Mike Calahan
Los Gatos, CA

Bad Hair Day?

9 May

Don’t lose your head over it! Instead, get some Suavecito Pomade!

Feliz CumpleaƱos to the other, other Baldwin brother!!!

21 Feb

We really don't know who you are or what you've been in but your brother makes great happy birthday Billy Baldwin!!!


The Slackers

20 Feb

Give me some of that funky reggae music!

“She called me up on the sly, she said please don’t tell all your friends…”

-The Slackers