Holiday Gift Exchange!

30 Jan

This evening, the Suavecito Crew finally exchanged Christmas gifts.  We were super slammed during the holiday season and we had absolutely no time to sit down, have dinner, and exchange gifts.  One of the guys took us to a fantastic restaurant called the Summit House in Fullerton.  I will say, GODDAMN the food was amazing!  It was for sure one of the most fanciest places I’ve ever been too.  The kind of place where you realize how shitty your table etiquette is, know what I mean?

Anyway, long story short…I’ve always hated doing Christmas exchanges, not because I don’t like spending money on gifts or choosing a present for someone (I consider myself a pretty generous and great gift giver), but because I’ve always been disappointed with the gift I got.  Gift exchanges are about being thoughtful and mindful of your budget to buy something for someone that you think they will genuinely enjoy, right?  You think it over and you go out of your way to find something cool, there is no better feeling than the one you get from the idea that you gave someone a badass gift.  I’ve always gotten shitty last minute gifts.  “Oh shit, the exchange is an hour from now” gifts.  “What do I get him, oh I know a book lamp” gifts.  LAME.  But tonight I got one of the best Christmas exchange gifts I’ve ever received.  My friend Denisse go me three things that she had heard me talk about for the last three months and I will say, my present was badass!



A Flask, The Interpretation of Dreams, and a QIX shirt


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