Modest Mouse, Jan. 25,2011 @ the Warfield in San Francisco, CA

26 Jan

I started listening to Modest Mouse about two years ago.  Although they’ve been around since the mid-90s, I had never heard of them, this in its entirety is due to the fact that I was musically illiterate during my high school years and the beginning of my first year in college.  I was blown away by all their albums, from the first to the latest, the last two being my absolute favorite.  Musically they are amazingly talented, Johnny Marr in Float On is amazing!  So needless to say, when I saw on my personal facebook profile that they were playing in San Francisco this month I jumped on it.  Without thinking I bought two tickets and asked for the days off of work and that was that, I was all set and ready.  I hopped in my car with my friend and went on a mini adventure to San Francisco, which is about a 6 hour drive north from my home city of Santa Ana.

The show started off with an older track called “The Whale Song” which consequently ended up being their closing song in their encore.  I will admit, I did not know what to expect, but I was not disappointed at all.  The music was great, the band was amazing…Isaac Brock, the lead singer, gave off intense energy; his facial expressions and guitar jerks accentuated the emotions he sang with his peculiar and unique voice.  They organized their show very well, bringing us up with pop favorites like Float on and Dashboard (which I video recorded per my 8 year old brother’s request) and then mellowed us out with King Rat and History Sticks to Your Feet .  An awesome set with a lot of deep tracks.  My only two complaints are that they took forever to set up, about and hour! And it was a 15 minute wait for them to come back for an encore!  There is, I’m guessing, 6 or 7 members in the band, many of them being multi-instrumentalist, so there was one shit load of instruments to tune and set up…my other complain was the smoke.  I dabbled in the green in my younger days, and I currently doing my best to quit smoking….but goddamn!  The mixture of tobacco and weed was nauseating, I can only handle one or the other no problem, but both at the same time gave me and my friend a headache, killed the coolness of the show a bit.

Overall though great show and great experience!
Would I go on another road trip to see another band play? 
Yeah, probably.

Now, I’m tired, tomorrow I’ll wake up early and enjoy this great city, then head south along the coast and check out Monterey Bay.

P.S.  In their tourist maps, they should write in bold, “BEWARE OF HOMELESS PERSONS’ DEFECATE ON PAVEMENT”, that’s right, I step on a huge load.


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