I Speak Mexican

15 Jan

For the past four years or so, I’ve part-timed at an elementary school for the Garden Grove Unified School District.  It’s a pretty stressful job that test your patience daily.  The teachers and staff joke that working with kids is like a natural contraceptive and I can vouch for that.  But once a week you get stories like this one…

This 2nd grader named Andrew who would come into the office regularly to hang out with the office staff would hang out by my desk all the time.  One day, we get to talking video games, candy, favourite tv shows, you know serious stuff and the phone rings in the middle of the conversation.  I answer the phone “Good afternoon this is Springfield Elementary School, this is Job, how can I help you?”  They can only speak Spanish so I switch to my mother tongue and start helping them.  When the first Spanish word rolls off my tongue, Andrew’s eyes light up and widen!  His mouth is wide open and he’s looking super surprised.  In my head I’m thinking “what the fuck is wrong with this kid? Oh shit he’s having a seizure!”  I get off the phone and the first thing he tells me is “I DIDN’T KNOW YOU SPOKE MEXICAN!!!”

I couldn’t stop laughing for a good while after that!  I just imaged the scenario at home when he learned this little known fact. “Mommy, Daddy? What language do Mexicans speak?” “Mexicans? Hmm, ughhh, Mexicans speak Mexican sweety, yeah that’s it!”


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