Pocket Change

14 Jan

I went to Germany this last November and I can still remember how nervous and excited I was since this was my first time overseas.  I was eager to get through security and into my gate.  I took off my shoes, my belt, my coat, took my fucking laptop out of its sleeve, and emptied out my pockets.   I threw a handful of old receipts, scrunched up dollar bills, lint, and pocket change into those blue plastic trays.  I walked through the metal detector, the TSA agent waived me through as he chit-chatted with his co-worker about basketball shoes  or some shit.  I took my belongings out of the plastic trays quickly; I put my shoes and belt on, collected my handful of old receipts, scrunched up dollars, and lint.  I looked at my pocket change and thought “na, not worth the effort”.  Without a second thought, I left 23¢ of my hard earned money behind. 
After being harassed and hurried I went about my business and got on the plane.  And that was that.


Apparently I was not alone in making such a quick decision in abandoning my money. The TSA reported that JFK collected $409,000 in unwanted and neglected pocket change last year !  LAX collected about $20,000!  What are they going to do with this “pocket change”?  Who the fuck knows, they sure as hell don’t! 

Check out the link for money information http://www.salttvnetwork.com/articles/20120112/tsa-collects-400000-loose-change-left-airports


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